— EZ-Rent: 1. Fill Out Rental Agreement —

Thank you for your interest in renting Ney Rosauro’s music. The EZ-Rent system allows you to retrieve the music for rental for performance by filling out the form below and selecting the desired work. This new rental system will allow us to deliver digital materials, watermarked with license information to you. If you have any questions/suggestions, please e-mail us at propercussaobrasil@gmail.com.

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Terms and Information – Please read carefully

1. Paying for these rental fees online grants your organization with licensing to perform the selected work on the date specified above — for any further performances, please contact us at propercussaobrasil@gmail.com.

2. No arrangements, transcription or alterations of the work for which these Materials are rented may be made without Ney Rosauro’s express advance written permission.

3. The Organization specified in the form above is authorized to reproduce the necessary amount of parts for distribution to players for performance. After performance, all parts must be recycled and PDFs purchased through NeyRosauro.com must be discarded.

4. The rented PDF materials are a property of Ney Rosauro and ProPercussão Brasil, and may not be distributed, loaned, copied, or sold.

5. The materials (performance score and parts) will be delivered to you in PDF format via e-mail to the address provided at checkout. You will have a total of 5 downloads available for the materials before the download links expire. You will also have 30 days to download your materials to your computer before the download links expire.

6. You acknowledge that the information provided above is accurate. By clicking "I accept these terms" and submitting the rental form above you agree to these terms.

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