The ABCs of Brazilian Percussion (Book and DVD)

The best way to teach yourself how to play the essential Brazilian percussion instruments through a easy to follow DVD.

Rated with 4.5 stars by Modern Drummer magazine


— Book with 75 exercises, as well as photos and explanations teaching correct way to play the main Brazilian percussion instruments and rhythms

— A DVD showing all technical details as well as how to phrase the exercises and rhythms contained in the book

— Charts and recordings of the most popular Brazilian rhythms, including samba, samba reggae, baião, frevo and maracatu

— Instruments covered include chocalho (shaker), reco-reco (guiro), surdo (bass drum), caixa (snare drum), agogo, triangulo, tamborim, repinique, cuica, pandeiro and berimbau

Available in: Hard copy

The ABCs of Brazilian Percussion (Book and DVD)


Available in hard copy through the major percussion sellers.
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