CADENCIA PARA BERIMBAU (for percussion quartet)

Opus #4-1

An excellent opportunity to showcase the exotic berimbau as an ensemble and solo instrument. Other instruments used include marimba, surdo (bass drum) and congas.

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Duration: 5-6 min.

Setup: Percussion quartet — berimbau, marimba, congas and surdo (bass drum)

Available in: Hard copy

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Program Note

Composed in Würzburg, Germany, in 1980, this was my first percussion composition. It is primarily a showcase for berimbau, accompanied by congas, surdo, and marimba. The berimbau comes from Angola, Africa, and became very popular in Brazil, especially in the state of Bahia, where it is associated with the dance/martial art called Capoeira. The melody is based on the mixolydian mode and its rhythm illustrates the relaxed atmosphere of Brazilian music.


CADENCIA PARA BERIMBAU (for percussion quartet)

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